Keepac Horizontal Fill and Seal Videos

1.0 Linear Mini Doypack Pouches at a sustained 23 bags/min

23bpm V-Inbag Mini Linear 210 - Zipper Opener -Air Blast.mp4

2.0 Gusseted Box Bottom Pouch with side zipper

V-Inbag Linepack 180 - Side Guseset Bag+ Pocket Zipper.mp4
  • Loads, Batch codes, Opens, Fills and Seals Gussetted box pouches.

  • Upto 20 Pouches per minute depending on the product fill time

  • Filling can be from a Weigh head, Auger, Volumetric cup or item counter

  • The machine selects the pouch from a magazine of flat pouches, opens it, batch codes it, fills it with a product and then seals it

3.0 Automatic Bag Size Change Over

Displacement Sensor + Servo Motor.mp4
Auto Format Changeover V-Inbag Mini Linear.mp4
  • Change pouch sizes automatically via the HMI screen.

  • Tool less change overs.

  • Speeds up the change over time.

4.0 Ziplock Doypack (with label applicator)

Label Applicator + Mini Linear 210 and Pouches Feeder.mp4.mp4

4.1 Ziplock Doypack auger fill and seal (with label applicator)

Mini 210 Doypack Auger Powder Filler & Label Applicator.mp4

5.0 Sachet Dispenser (drops pre cut desiccant sachets into the pouch along with the product as it is filling)

Pre-cut Sachet Dispenser.mp4

6.0 Spout Pouch Liquid Filling

V-Inbag Mini Linear XL -Corner Spout Pouch.mp4

7.0 Box Pouch Auger Filling Chocolate Powder

Mini Linear 160 SG + KAF 450 Auger Filler for Cocoa Powder.mp4

8.0 Doypack Kraft Pouch

110mm Craft Paper Bag.mp4

9.0 Gusseted Ziplock Box Bottom Pouch

100mm Width Boxpouch.mp4