Anken Technology Limited

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the sale of all goods and services. Any order placed with Anken Technology Limited constitutes acceptance by you to the
Anken Technology Limited terms and conditions.
We aim to offer a simple honest business with products and services that meet or exceed our customers requirements.
We will work with the customer to try and put any problems right.

1.    Pricing.
       1.1. All prices unless explicitly stated do not include GST, and are in USD unless
              explicitly stated.
       1.2. All prices quoted do not include delivery surcharges.
       1.3  Anken Technology may from time to time change prices at its discretion without prior notification, and the customer agrees to pay such adjusted
              Price where the variation is caused by in whole or in part by
                       - Variations in taxes.
                       - Variations in exchange rate.
                       - Errors or omissions on the part of Anken Technology.
2. GST
       2.1.All goods and services are subject to GST.
3. Ownership
       3.1.All products shall remain the property of Anken Technology Limited until they are paid for in full.
4. Deliveries
       4.1.All products shall be delivered to the address stated on the purchase order.
5. Guarantees
       5.1 All goods and services provided by Anken Technology Limited are intended for business use. If the customer is intending it for personal use then
             Anken Technology Limited must be told in writing before the placing of an order.
       5.2 Any warranties offered are non- transferable.
       5.3 Customers must satisfy themselves that any equipment ordered is fit for purpose and that the specifications and requirements are clear at the
              time of order.
       5.4. Customers are responsible for ensuring that all safety guards and electrical wiring meets New Zealand safety standards and regulations,
              prior to being operated by any staff.
       5.5  Defective goods may at Anken Technology Limited discretion be replaced or the purchase price refunded. 
    • As part of any return the customer must notify Anken Technology Limited in writing within seven days following delivery and obtain from Anken Technology Limited a returns advice number.
    • Anken Technology Limited must be given the opportunity to inspect and test the goods.
    • If the goods are returned they must have an Anken Technology Limited return advice number and an accompanying letter
    • identifying your order number, company name, contact information, as well as a description of why the goods are being returned.
    • Any goods returned must be in a re-saleable condition, or as the customer received them; this includes all software, accessories, manuals and packaging.
    • Anken Technology Limited reserves the right not honour any warranty claim if the customer has outstanding unpaid invoices.
    • In any event, Anken Technology Limited’s liability shall not exceed the price of the goods.
    • Products must be well maintained, we are not liable for breakages due to lack of maintenance, misuse, abuse or operator mistakes.
9.  Customer Payments
     9.1 It is expected that all invoices will be made in accordance with the stated timing on the invoice, unless agreed to in writing by a director of
           Anken Technology Limited.
     9.2 The customer will pay 1.5% per month on any outstanding invoices and the cost or fees incurred in the recovery of outstanding amounts.
10. Variations to terms and conditions of trade
     10.1 Anken Technology Limited reserves the right to amend, add or delete any of the terms of these terms and conditions with immediate effect.
11. Governing Law
      11.1 These terms of trade are governed by the laws of New Zealand.
      11.2 Anken Technology Limited and the Customer shall submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand in respect of any dispute or proceeding arising    
              out of these terms and conditions of trade.