Form Fill Seal Machines

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Small Industrial VFFS

  • Basic rugged design flexible design for mix and match with linear weigh heads, auger, volumetric cup fillers, liquid/cream dosers or other unit measuring system.

  • Stick pack, pillow pack 3 and 4 sided and gusset options

  • Shaped jaws

  • Suitable for non-food items

Integrated weigh head

  • Small VFFS with integrated weighhead

  • Reduces overall machine height

  • Integrates weight and vffs into one management console

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Dual lane stick pack VFFS

  • Dual lane stick pack machine

  • Suitable for powder, granule or liquids

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Vertical Fill Form Seal

  • Range of VFFS speeds and formats

  • Can be matched with Volumetric, Auger and Weigh heads

  • Suitable for powder, granule or liquids

  • 15 - 120 packs / min