Safety Inspection, QA & Sorting

Safety Inspection Equipment

Checks products in real time and detects/rejects products that are metal contaminated

Checks products density in real time and detects/rejects products that have been contaminated with stone, metal, bone

Combined Check Weigher and Metal Detector

QA Weight Checking, Sorting

Real time detection and rejection of over or under weight products.

Real time sorting of products into different bins based on their weight


Rejection methods for check weigher, metal detector and xray machines.

There is also jar rejector for safely diverting contaminated glass jars.

QA Optical Checking and Sorting

Real time production line product checking. Ensures QA standards are met on every product. It can validate date and batch codes, label position and alignment, bar codes missing items like caps

Real time sorting products like seeds, nuts, beans, pulses based on colour and shape. Useful for rejecting things like burnt nuts or twigs