Semi-auto Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

Seals and trims plastic tubes.
Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals.
Easy to use semi-automatic operation
Unilateral coding, MCU control.

 Power 1.6 KW
 10-20 pc/min
 Tube Sizes Diameter <=45 mm
 Length    <=200 mm
 Power Supply 220v, 50 hz
 Air Supply Pressure 0.6 - 0.8 Mpa
 Dimensions 560 x 530 x 880

Semi-auto Filling Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

Fills and seals plastic tubes. Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical products, such as toothpaste and skin cleansing cream. The machine fills, seals and trims.
Unilateral coding, MCU control.

 Power 1.6 KW
 Ultra-Sonic Frequency 20 Khz
 Capacity 15-20 piece /min 
 Power Supply         220v, 50 hz 
 Air Supply Pressure 0.6 - 0.8 Mpa
 Filling Range 80 - 260 ml 
 Filling Accuracy +/- 1% 
 Dimensions 735 x 670 x  1300mm

           Automatic Tube Filler Sealer

Fully-enclosed Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine. Suitable for filling viscous fluids and pastes into plastic and composite metal tubes and then heat seals and marks the tubes with a date/batch code.
Used in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetic and chemicals industries.
Clean and sanitary design and conforming to CMP. Product contact surfaces are made from 316L marine stainless steel.
Taiwanese EVIEW touch screen and Taida's PLC control system.
Automatic tube detection to ensure a tube is present before starting to fill. 
Auto-stop when the enclosure door is opened or when no tubes are present.
Intelligent temp.control and cooling system. 

 Filling Volume5-250 ml 
 Filling Accuracy +/- <1 % 
 Capacity 1800-2400 tubes 
 Tube Diameter 10 - 50 mm 
 Tube Length max 210 mm 
 Hopper Volume 40 litre 
 Power 220 or 380 v optional 
 Air Pressure 0.5 - 0.7 MPa 
 Equiped Motor 1.1 KW
 Hot Air 3.0 Kw 
 Dimension lwh1900x1000x1500mm
 Weight ~850kg