Powder VFFS

Granule VFFS

Liquid VFFS

Piece Count VFFS

 Mixed Material VFFS

 Suitable for fine powder food, chemical or pharmaceutical
  Powders like  Flour,  Cocoa Powder, Baking  Powder, Instant Coffee,
 Milk Powder,
 Yoghurt, Drinking

 Suitable for granular
 products like Sugar,
 MSG, Tea, Coffee,
 Pepper, Seeds,
 Desiccating Agents


 Suitable for packing
 liquid and paste
 products like Honey,
 Jam, Shampoo,
 Lotions, Oil, Soy

 Suitable for packing
 piece products like
 Sweets, Tablets

 Custom made with
 multiple auger, liquid,
 piece or cup fillers
 suitable for packing 
 mixed products of 
 different particle sizes,
 powders and granules or
 i.e. different sized seeds
 that could stratify in a
 single hopper.

 Nitrogen injection
 Auger Loader
 Nitrogen injection
Output Conveyor
 Loading Cinveyor
 Jacketed heater and or floor
 heater  option for liquids or
 paste products that need to be

 Output Conveyor
 Nitrogen injection
 Nitrogen injection
 Output Conveor
 As required
 Standard Build VFFS

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