Desktop Thermoforming Machine

Desktop Blister Pack Thermoforming Machine
Making low volume production runs of high quality blister packs: 

Main Technical Parameters:
  • Max. Speed: 33 punches/min. 
  • Max. Output: 33 blisters/min. ( blister size 57×80mm)
  • Max. Forming Area: 70×100mm
  • Max Forming Depth: 12mm 
  • Material:Max. width: 80mm
  • Machine Power: 2.5kw
  • Machine Dimension (LxWxH): 1200×500×600mm
  • Machine Weight: 100kg

Customizable easily interchangeable forming plates 
Produces small batches of all types of blister packs including thermoformed and cold-formed.
Easy use interface.
Compact space saving, table top design for convenient blister packaging.
Fast set-up and minimal training required.
Tool-less change over of format parts in less than 5 minutes.
All main machine parts either 316L or 304 stainless steel, anodized aluminium or PTFE.
Teflon coated forming heating plates.

Bring your blister packing in-house instead of booking time on production lines or outsourcing to a third party – minimizes delays, allowing your new drug product to get to market sooner.
Blister pack using a variety of materials, novel shapes, sizes or perforations.
Fast & easy set-up – no specialist knowledge is required to operate so there is no need for an engineer to be present
Compact, portable design.
Fully cGMP, so it is quick to clean – requires 5 minutes
Fast changeover - reduces down-time between production batches.