Dikai TTO Thermal Transfer Printer
 Quality construction, colour touch screen, simple configuration & operation, crisp clear print of text, date & batch codes, graphics, bar codes, serial numbers to  film on VFFS or flow wrapper.
  • Ribbon cassette to simplifies ribbon change overs on D01, D03, D05.
  • Touch screen operation.
  • Manager defined print job templates.
  • Operator definable data, serial numbers, batch codes, bar & QR Codes.
  • Economy mode to minimise ribbon usage
 Specifications D01 D02 D03 D05
 Print head 32mm, 300 dpi     24mm, 200 dpi  32mm, 300 dpi  53mm, 300 dpi 
 Print area  Continuous 32 x 80mm (W x L)
 Intermittent 32 x 60mm (W x L) 
 Intermittent 25 x 40mm (Wx L)Continuous 32 x 80mm (W x L) 
Intermittent 32 x 60mm (W x L) 
 Continuous 53 x 150mm (W x L)
 Intermittent 53 x 80mm (W x L)
 Print speed 30 metres/ min  120 prints/ min 40 metres/ min  35 metres/ min 
 Ribbon length 650 metre max  500 metre max 650 metre max 650 metre max 

 Ribbon Cassette  Cassette
 Air supply 6 bar, 90 psi (max) clean dry air No air required 6 bar, 90 psi (max.) clean dry air
 Weight Control Box 2 kg
 Print Head 8.5 kg
 Control Box 0.4 kg
 Print Head 4.8 kg
 Control Box 2 kg
 Print Head 8.5 kg
   Control box
   Print head
 188x 190x 180 mm
 1175x235x110 mm  
 175x25x110 mm
 170x165x160 mm
 188x190x180 mm
 175x235x110 mm 

 210x210x185 mm
 175x235x110 mm

 Print field type Dates, serial numbers, text,bar codes, 3D barcodes, graphics, user def batch IDs
 Interfaces USB, I/O 
 Power supply AC 110 ~220 +-10 volts 100 & 150 W 
 Operating temp 40'C
 Environmental 10% - 95% (no condensing) 

Dikai D01 TTO

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