Xray Inspector 
 Application: Automatic detection of metal & dense objects like stones, ceramics, glass, fish bone, shell, hard plastic, rubber

 Conveyor or pipe models for powders, granules, liquid or pastes.
 Colour Screen for easy detection of foreign materials

  Easy tear down and belt removal for cleaning

 Fine bone detection available for fish/chicken bone detection


 Machine variant for sauce,

 Model  ATXR 2480 / 4080 / 6080
  AT 4080-S
 Tube Volts
 Max 80kV, 100W
 Max 80kV, 300W
 Belt Width
 240/400/600 mm
 400 mm
 Tube Diameter
 75, 100, 150 mm
 Detection Capability
 SUS ball 0.3mm
 SUS wire 0.2x2mm
 SUS ball 0.4mm
 SUS wire0.2x2mm
 10 - 60 m/s
 Screen 10" Colour TFT
 Connect Ethernet / USB
 Logging Complete Log
 Adjustment Auto Learn optional
 Image Management
 PSU 220V AC
 - Simple, quick, safe disassembly for cleaning
 - Teflon food grade tube
 - Stainless Steel Build SUS 304
 - Protective curtains
 - Emissions < 1 micro sievert / hour

Sensitivity capability may differ based on actual product being inspected