Pyramid Tea Bag Machine


Pyramid tea bag machine with weigh head

 Pyramid Tea Bag Machine creates and fills tetrahedral tea bags.
  •  Pyramid tea bags allow better separation between the tea leaves, flower, stems allowing the water to completely surround them encouraging a  better tea infusion.
  • Weigh head or cup based volume based filling.
  •  Tea bags can be made from Japanese Eco friendly non woven nylon fabric. 
  •  The tea bags normally have a draw string with a label at the top to dunk and remove the tea bag from the hot water. 
  •  The tea bags are sealed using ultrasonic sealer making a clean tidy secure seal with no marks on the sealed edge.
 Item Specification
 Packing Speed  35 - 40 bags / min
 Tea Weight  3g +-0.5g
 Tea leaf, stem, flower size  Less than 15 mm must be flat for accurate weighing
 Tea Bag Material      Japanese nylon mesh or non woven cloth
 Roll inner diameter  76 mm
 Roll outer diameter   < 400 mm
 Sealing method    Ultrasonic sealing jaws
 Pneumatic Air requirements > 0.6 Mpa 
 Motor Power      1.1 Kw
 Dimensions  800 x 700 x 2000 mm
 Weight  800 Kg