Laser Coders for Etching Direct to Plastics, Metals, Glass, Paper


 Advantages of Laser scribing as a date, batch code printer

  • Fast production rate.
  • No need for ink or solvent consumables.
  • More print substrate options paper, wood, metal, plastics, glass, leather.
  • Stable long life print with a high resistance to scratching and water proof.
  • Very accurate precise high quality print.
  • More environmentally friendly with no ink or solvent pollutants.
  • User friendly interface.

 Rated Power (watts) 10 20  30 
 Weight (Kg) 15  20 25
 Print Speed (m/s) <= 7  <=12  <=12 
 Size (mm)  680x150x154  430x150x154   710x138x183 
 Build Material  Aluminum
 Power  220v 50Hz, 300W
 Printing Range (mm)  70x70, 110x110, 150x150 
 Cooling Mode  Air 
 Connector  1x Serial, 1x USB
 Environment  10 ~ 40'C, <=95 % Humidity non condensing
 Working Interfaces  Standalone / Computer

Optional Smoke Exhaust Unit

 A200 Charcol Filter Exhaust 
  • 330 x 310 x 415 mm
  • 18Kg
  • 135 W
  • 220 V
  • 99%
  • Inlet 50mm
  • Outlet 8mm

 Laser Printing Examples

 Printing direct to a wine bottle

 Printing direct to paper label

 Printing direct to PET

 Printing to inked label on PET

 Paper Labels



 Cosmetic Tubes & Bottles

Example of Laser batch coding water bottle caps

Example of Fibre Laser printing plastic bags

Anken Laser Date Batch Code Printer