Pouch Printer Plain or Zip-Lock bags, flat pack cartons and cards

  Free yourself from having to print and apply sticky labels, print directly onto the plastic, metalized film   or card. Clear tamper proof, accurate & repeatable print, fixed, variable or real time data fields.   

  • Made in Japan.
  • Prints directly to plastic bags, pouches, paper & cardboard.
  • Plain flat or zip bag printing options.
  • Single Sided or Full Duplex options.
  • Hand feed Auto or Elevator Feed models.
  • Print area options 36, 53 or 75 mm wide print head area 
  • 200- 300 mm / second print speed.
  • Bag width 90 – 340 mm.
  • Bag length 90 – 400 mm.
  • Bags/min 15-60.
  • Material PP, PE, BOPP, OPP, PET or polythene >50µ, paper, card
  • Thermal Transfer Overtype print quality 300 DPI
  • Ribbon options able to withstand retort oven cooking process
  • Real time date coding functionality
  • Text, barcodes, QR/Datamatrix codes, symbols and images
  • Computer connect or standalone operation

 Print Samples