DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher

DLF-1000 Label Finishing System from Afinia LabelLaminate and Cut Without the Use of Dies

The Afinia Label DLF-1000 is a digital label finisher built around a proven, industry-standard plotter-style cutting mechanism for maximum accuracy and dependability.

This full-featured label finishing solution performs all the functions of larger, more expensive systems, in a compact, table-top design.

The DLF-1000 works directly from your design software with its convenient plug-ins for Illustrator and CorelDraw. The front panel controls and LCD display allow for fast set up, simple adjustment of cutting pressure, and easy alignment of the cut to the image.

The DLF-1000 is the perfect solution for laminating and cutting labels in any size or shape, digitally and without dies.

The DLF-1000 is designed to digitally finish printed rolls from Afinia Label’s L801 and R635 color label printers. The DLF-1000 digitally cuts labels to any shape and is controlled through plug-ins to popular vector-based programs like Illustrator and CorelDraw.

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DLF-1000 Video


Cut Width:3.94″ – 8.66″ (100 mm – 220 mm)
Cut Speed:31.5″ (800 mm) axial maximum
Linear Cut Speed:Dependent on graphic
Cut Force:0 – 14.11 oz in 0.18 oz steps (0 – 400 grams in 5 gram steps)
Cut Type:Drag knife and tangential emulation
Cut to Registration:Single point registration mark
Cut Ability:Both printed and unprinted media
Max. Label Length:12″ (304.8 mm) repeat
Lamination:Unsupported laminate roll
Max. Roll Diameter:11.81″ (300 mm)
Waste Matrix:Removal and rewind
Roll Core Size:3″ (76 mm)
Interface and Software:WinPlot (Windows OS) cuts software, cutter-control parameter software. Plug- ins for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator
Power Supply:Single phase 110/240VAC, frequency 50/60HZ +/- 2%
Width Dimension:39.37″ (1000 mm)
Depth Dimension:23.62″ (600 mm)
Height Dimension:30.71″ (780 mm)
Weight:220.46 lbs (100 kg)
Lamination:Laminate waste removal rewind