Hailek 8200S - CIJ Printer

Robust Reliable 2 Line Date Coding and Marking

 Print Specifications
 Number of Rows  1- 2  
 Print Speed  1 Row  2 Row 
   2.06 m/s  0.62 m/s    
 Characters per second  1 Row  2 Row   
   974/s   588/s   
 Character Height  1.3 - 15mm      
 Character Line Length  680      
 Text Input  Quadpin      
 Design Input Method  UDisk      
 Character Control
  •  Reversed printing
  •  Adjustable print height, length and delay
  •  Fixed and variable text and words
  •  Continuous serial numbers
  •  Automatic date and time 
  •  Flexible date and time format
  •  Up to 9 times word length
  •  Batch and count
  •  Clock function
  •  Timing function 
 Kind  Middle Head
 Size  50/60 micron 
 Material   Gem 
 Length of Pipe  2 metre (4 metre option available)
 Stress Air Pipe  Optional 
 Encoder TTL voltaqe level or collector of 5 ~ 24 volts
 Product Detector  PNP or NPN Collector of 5 ~ 24 volts
 Warning Set  External Annunciator 24 volts 
 Communication  RS 232 
 Ink System
 Ink Drive  Inner Gear 
 Viscosity Control  Automatic
 Muzzle Washing  Automatic
 Ink Types  MEK, Ethanol or Mixed Base, Food grade
 Machine Body
 Control Board  QWERTY Keyboard 
 Ingress Protection  IP55
 Build Material  Stainless Steel
 Chassis Dimensions  530mm x 480mm x 325mm 
 Weight  32 Kg 
 Power  200 Watts 
  Environmental Requirements
 Temperature  5 - 45' C
 Humidity  10 - 90 %
 Power  Single Phase 230 Volt 50 hz  

Print Samples

Date Coding and Marking top, bottom, sides or products

Frosted Glass

8mm Plastic Pipe