Egg Shell Printer

High resolution drops on demand technology printer specifically designed to print text, images, date/time codes, serial numbers using edible inks directly onto the egg shells. Ideal for the trace ability and branding of eggs.
  • Simple flexible and clean
  • No fixed service or maintenance costs. 
  • Minimal ink consumption.
  • Three types one, two and 6 print head module printers to suit different packing methods.

 Windows Software
 Cartridge based inks


  • Single, Double or Six print head models
    • 1x print head module ... 36,000 eggs per hour
    • 2x print head module  ... 54,000 eggs per hour
    • 3x print head module  ... 110,000 eggs per hour
  • Ski ramp allows it to auto height adjust over different eggs sizes.
  • Conveyor mount, floor stand and easy adjust elevator options.  
  • Easy change, no down time ink cartridge changes overs. 
  • Economical up to 5,000,000 2 mm prints per cartridge.
  • Red, green or blue food safe inks.
  • Text, date code, serial numbers, bitmap logos.
  • PC windows application to make message templates, USB message transfer for standalone operation. 
  • Up to 9 mm print height
    • 4 lines of 2 mm print
    • 2 lines of 3 mm print
    • 1 line of 9 mm print
AC 90 - 230 v 50-60hz
Nozzle height 9 mm
Print speed 20 m/ minute
Print resolution 300 dpi
print capability text, date codes, serial numbers & logos

Egg Printer

 Six Head Printer 
Single & Double Print Head