EASYJET E580 Handy Printer

360° Printing, 54 mm Print, Durable 


  • The E580H can print in any direction forward, up, down.
  • Configuration editing with a connected PC or the printers 3.5 inch colour touch screen.
  • Prints text, bitmap logos, bar codes, date codes.
  • The handheld ink-jet printer is easy to use and durable.
  • Single pass multiple line printing onto cartons and irregular surfaces like drums, bags.
  • The print head is designed to resist blocking and provide trouble free operation.
  • Diverse ink options to match customer requirements for surface adhesion strength and fast drying.
  • EASYJET inks can print clear characters on plastic, metal, glass, paper and wood.
  • EASYJET is widely used in the food chemical, automotive, cosmetic, rubber and postal industries.


  • Max print speed: 30m/min. 
  • Print height up to 30 mm.
  • More than 10 different fonts.
  • Multiple language support.
  • 180° text rotation.
  • Size of dots and character can be adjusted.
  • Print delay can be adjusted.
  • Characters and fonts can be made 1 to 9 times bolder. 
  • Date, time, bar code, serial number and shift group can be set.
  • Automatic repeat printing.
  • Non-volatile internal storage for more than 100 print messages.


  • Solvent and oil based inks.
  • Food grade ink.
  • UV ink.
  • Available ink colours: yellow, white, black, red, purple, green, blue.

Power Supply        100-240V 50/60Hz    6W

Environmental requirements

Temperature:          5-40

Humidity:               10-90 (non-condensing)


Interfaces:        USB, Encoder sensor.



phone: +64 21 1449392