Easyjet E500 UV Printer - UV curing ink printer

Easyjet E500 UV Curing Ink Printer 

Ink only dries (instantly when exposed to UV light)
Ink does not dry in the ink line or print head, simple usage.

Standalone printer configurable via the 7" WYSIWYG colour touch screen
Simple design for quick and easy operation and maintenance
Multiple built in variable size fonts
Cartridge based inks for quick easy clean refills
Coloured Inks available white, red, yellow,
prints text, bitmap logos, bar codes, date codes
Single pass multiple line printing
Multiple language support
UV curing inks adhere well to most substrates
Multiple print heads available for larger print area or multiple print areas (top & side, two or more sides)

  • Max print speed 30m /min
  • Print height up upto 18 mmper print head
  • 128 inkjets per inch
  • Multiple language support available on request
  • 180' text rotation
  • Dot matrix print option, variable dot size and spacing
  • Adjustable print speed and delay
  • Bold option
  • Date, time, bar codem serial number, batch and shift grous can be set to automatically update or repeat print
  • Non-volatile internal storage for 100+ messages


Temperature:          5-40'C
Humidity:                 10-90% (non-condensing)
Power Supply:         230V