EASYJET E200 Date Code Printer

Quality Print, Simple,Cost Effective,Durable


Standalone printer configurable via the 3 1/2 inch WYSIWYG colour touch screen.

Simple design for quick and easy operation and low maintenance.  

Multiple built in variable size fonts.

Prints text, bitmap logos, bar codes, data codes and date codes.

Cartridge based ink for quick clean ink refill or colour change over.

Single pass multiple line printing.

The print head nozzle is designed to resist blocking and provide trouble free operation. 

Diverse ink options for strong surface adhesion and fast drying. 

EASYJET inks can print clear characters on plastic, metal, glass,  paper and wood.

Widely used in the food, chemical, automotive, cosmetic, rubber and postal industries.


  • Max print speed: 35 m/min.
  • Print height up to 18 mm per print head.
  • 128 inkjets per 12.5 mm.
  • Single pass multiple line printing. 
  • More than 10 font types and variable size up to 18mm
  • 180' print rotation.
  • Dot matrix print option, variable dot size and shape.
  • Adjustable print delay and speed.
  • Up to 9 times bold font. 
  • Date, time, bar code, serial number, batch and shift groups can be set to automatically update or repeat print.
  • Non-volatile internal storage for more than 100 print messages .


  • Solvent or oil-based ink options.
  • Available solvent ink coloursyellow, white, black, red, purple, green, blue.
  • Food grade ink.
  • UV ink.

Power Supply         220V±10% 50/60Hz 6W

Environmental requirements:

Temperature:             5-40
Humidity:                   10-90

Interfaces:                 USB, Shaft encoder sensor

Physical Dimensions: 250 x 106 x 125 mm


Print Example