CO2 Laser Printers

 Inkjet Date & Batch Code Printers
Carton & Tray Printers

 CIJ Date and Batch Code Printer

 Fast, precise, no consumables
 Plastics, Glass, Metals

 Low cost, flexible, robust, high  
 Quality print, optional coloured 
 inks, up to 8 print heads

 Low cost, flexible, reliable, simple 
 high quality printing to porous 
 surfaces like cardboard, paper

 Industry standard CIJ printer 
 Quick printing & fast drying
 Quality build & performance

Thermal Transfer Printers

  Hot Stamp and Ribbon Printers

 Handheld Printers

Bag / Pouch Printers

Bag/ Pouch Printer

 Clear high quality print to film or 

 Old school tried and true 
 Hot stamp & roll printers

 Portable handheld printing

 Dump sticky labels 
print direct to the pouch, bag suitable for NIBS sheets, 2D bar codes