Auckland Region only

  • Inkjet Coding Printer Rentals
    • Standalone Bench top or Conveyor based printer or Handheld printers
    • Text, simple graphics
    • High quality print
    • Black, white or coloured inks
    • Suitable for printing onto most substrates 
    • Multiple lines (as long as the total aggregate height is less than 16 or 54 mm)
    • Print area height up to 16 or 54 mm

 E460 Desktop Printer

 E460 Standalone Date / Batch Code Printer

Solvent based printer suitable for bottles, boxes, pharmaceutical, cosmetic packaging.

E480 Handheld Printer


Solvent or oil based printing suitable for porous or non porous surfaces like cartons, timber, sacks and bags.

E500H 54 mm Printer

Porous Surfaces like cartons, timber, paper only

  E400 / E500 Conveyor Based Printers

Solvent based printer for printing to objects as they pass on a conveyor.