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New Pouch Printer
Free yourself from stick on labels
print 300 DPI text, bar codes, 
images direct to the bag

New UV flash dry Ink
Easyjet  produce a new instant
dry ink for Easyjet printer range

Low Cost Laser Coder
Laser Date & Batch Code

Pouch Weigh, Fill, Pack, Seal, Code
Hand Held E480 Printer
Video: E480 Print Demo
Present a product in front of 
the E460 to print a date, batch, 
date code, text, bar code, 
graphic or serial numbers

Large High Quality 54mm Print
cartons, plastics, glass, steel 
Capable of printing GS1 ITF-14
barcodes directly to cartons.

Come and see us at the show
Food Tech Pack Tech 23-25 Sept

Date Code Printer